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Special Investigations Division - Surveillance Services
"Investigations of validity of personal injury claim is in the best interests of society, and the following of a subject during his or her daily activities and recording on film movements and whereabouts of a subject is consonant with the wording of the Private Detective Act and social purpose of exposing fabricated claims"

Forster v. Manchester 189 A.2d 410 Pa. 192 1963
Our Investigators are experts in the field of video surveillance. They are highly trained both in the mechanics and the laws applicable to surveillance and an individuals right to privacy. They utilize discrete surveillance vehicles that give them the ability to remain undetected. One of our surveillance units parked on a subject's street appears as nothing more than an unattended parked vehicle. This, coupled with long range video cameras, and low light, night vision, and concealable cameras, allows us to document the full extent of a subject's activities. 

We conduct surveillance utilizing a single Investigator and single surveillance vehicle or with a multi vehicle / multi Investigator surveillance team. Our ability to use multi Investigator - multi vehicle surveillance teams allows us to follow even those subjects who may attempt to detect or elude possible surveillance. We are often called upon to conduct surveillance of individuals who have detected other less discrete Investigators. A multi-vehicle surveillance team also provides a means to conduct surveillance in some of the more difficult locations such as rural areas, or urban neighborhoods where a subject may have a front exit to the street and a rear exit to an alley.

When a subject takes to the water (jet skiing, water skiing, swimming, boating, wake boarding, etc.) we are ready to take the assignment. With our Marine Surveillance Unit (M.S.U.) and our Coast Guard Licensed Captain / Investigator, we have conducted numerous successful waterborne surveillances. Our M.S.U. has also been implemented to conduct surveillance of people vacationing at shoreside locations where their activities would not be visible from land but are in plain view to boaters (and our M.S.U. Investigators).
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We offer On Line Case Status Updates with Surveillance Video Clips to keep you informed on the progress and results of your surveillance.
Pre-surveillance database and social media investigation conducted at no charge on surveillance assignments of one or more days.
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