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Fugitive captured with the assistance of a surveillance team from Egis International who was investigating him for his ongoing workers compensation claim. The man showed up for his workers compensation hearing, despite his active felony fugituve warrant. Egis Investigators, aware of his warrant, followed him after the hearing to his lair then notified law enforcement of his whereabouts, who arrived a short time later to make the arrest.
Allentown man sentenced to 3 to 23 months incarceration for workers compensation fraud. Investigators from Egis International obtained videotape evidence of the man working on a regular basis, during the same time frame that he submitted forms to the insurance company stating that he was unable to work and was cashing workers compensation checks.
A New Jersey woman was convicted of a felony workmen's compensation law violation and sentenced to three years probation as a result of investigation and surveillance conducted by Investigators from Egis International. 
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